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I love staring into your eyes more than anyone else's. I just made love to a Pisces. You guys are something else.

I'm a Scorpio asc & moon btw.
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  • I have a pisces rising and scorpio moon, so I have dreamy and piercing eyes. You can swim but don't go into the deep end lol

    I also find pisces to be very good kisses too, what is up with that!?
    • The deep end? I feel right at home there. The demons bring me tribute and kiss my feet.

      Pisces are natural romantics, so it's no wonder they would be good at kissing. =)
    • I just think we're good kissers, I don't know. And to be honest, though I didn't like dating a fellow Pisces, I will say this... he was perhaps the best and most compatible kisser I was ever with lol.
    • I'm a pisces sun and scorpio moon as well. It's a very intense water sign combination that means very intense eyes (in my opinion).

      Pisces eyes seem filled to the brim with deep emotion- but scorpio eyes are almost smoldering with intensity. It's definitely an interestig combination.

  • Oh, tell me about it.

    Im a Virgo. In 1992 I saw the most beautiful eyes ever!!!!!
    The eyes of a Pisces man.

    Well, Ive been obsessed with this man. God knows Ive trying to forget him!!!

    I didnt know about this guy for ten years... so then came Facebook, ¡what a weapon for obsessed people like me!!!

    And I told myself: "Lets look for him, and if he's on Facebook, showing his pretty eyes, lets send him a message"

    And I found him at Facebook, showing THOSE EYES... damn!!!!
    I HAD to write to him.

    hmmm... youre not alone!!!!
    And Ive got an Scorpio ASC too!!!

    • One time I was getting on the subway and I saw this guy, brown hair with the most AMAZING blue eyes. There is no way they were contacts. I will never forget it. His eyes were a out of this world hint of blue. I've stared at the sky many a times and seen many pictures of the ocean, many man-made paints but I've never seen any color like it since.
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        Sigh....Pisces eyes. So big and watery, dreamy, like you could get lost in them. Once had a Pisces male who would turn my chin when i was staring of into space so that I made eye contact with him. Then he'd shiver and tell me "how do you do that?" I'm assuming he was referring to the way i could look straight into his soul, his gorgeous, sensitive soul.... never seen eyes so consuming again. That man could have ate me alive if he wanted to, and i would have relished in every moment of it. Sigh.....
        • wow

          ...... I remember a Scorpio who's shoulder I was crying on and he lifted my chin up and looked straight into my eyes and sighed and said " you're so beautiful even when you're crying ...."

          unfortunately this was in my youth and all I could respond was " are you listening to me ?? "hehe
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            We don't know what to do with that kind of connection in youth anyways... all I knew was that he scared the Hell out of me, because he had this very special kind of hold on me.
            I was 15, and a rebellious little Scorpio with a healthy "fuck the world attitude". But he would literally come find me, pull me away from whatever crazy madness i was into at the moment and TELL me to walk with him. I would do whatever he asked, just his presence had this way of calming my ever present internal war. He was like my Jesus walking on water, calming the storms. And i'm not even religious.

            And those eyes............ I notice it right away in all Pisces. I can tell your a Pisces by looking into your eyes, even with complete strangers. There's just something about you all.....
            • Anyways, that sounds really nice Stacy, but personally I think I would like it better if I had a girl that would challenge me. I'd like a girl to have a fireball throwing contest with. After we are both fueled up from the fighting, we will have amazing sex. =D Damn...I love that scene from "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."
              • Manticore, I married a Leo woman. We made the Pisces/Leo thing work for over 12 years together. Unfortunately she shared a birthday with Mussolini and wanted to tell me what to do and how to run my life.

                You can do a lot of things to a Piscean, but never ever try to take away their freedom. If a Neptune's child isn't allowed to flow with the tides, those eyes will turn dark and stormy. She was amazed by my ire, but wouldn't back down. I had to leave, she left me no choice.

                Beware those beautiful eyes when they get cloudy...
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                Hi Manticore!
                Had a cancer I was in a fireball throwing relationship with for 7 years. At first, hell ya! The fighting is hot and leads to incredible sex, but that shit gets really old really fast, have no desire to go there again.
                I think that a good fight every once in a while is necessary, and healthy, not to mention natural, but anymore than that is just plain old stressful and toxic. But some people are into that sort of thing.....
                Lord knows my ex is..... when he's in a mood anyway.

                • I know what you mean Stacy. It was like that with a gem, aries moon girl. When her Aries moon came into play...motha fucka, IT WAS ON! Back and forth and either of us would give in. That was pretty fun. Hmm...I don't think the fighting ever got old though. I'll fight all day and night every day. But she and her lies got old though. Ok fine, 'fighting' with her got old eventually too, cuz she can be so fucking fake. Ugh...gems make horrible intimate partners.

                  Now I'd much prefer Water or Fire people. Scorpio and Pisces people of any race or creed just gel well with me. I just feel like there is a deep natural connection. Can't explain it, but definitely can feel it.
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                    A pisces girl + aries/leo aspects + maybe a little cancer or scorpio aspects. A girl that can tear some shit up and explode on mothafuckers with me. But we can also get lost into oblivion, the bottom of the ocean, into eachother's eyes while feeling secure in each other's arms.

                    I need a drink..
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                      LOL!!! You crack me up! I'm with you on the Gemini thing, even,though....wait for it.... my moon is in Gemini! (GASP) LOL!!!

                      I can definetly see how it effects me, mostly on an inner level, of course, and it drives me fracking nuts!!!!
                      My sun is in Scorpio
                      (as well as Pluto and lovely Saturn) in twelfth house so i'm really into the occult. I really try my best to focus on two or three practices at a time and not to move onto to others until i have become fluent in them, but then that damn Gem moon, has me skipping around all over the library, like a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.... talk about inner conflict!!
            's all unicorns and butterflies, isn't it?
                      I think that placement was a hilarious joke made by someone, somewhere....

                      But anyway...... good luck in finding the qualities you are looking for! Personally, I can't have very much of that in a man. When you have enough inner conflict going on to give the middle east a vacation, the last thing you need is someone who fuels it and wants to bring it out to play.....
                      • My moon is in Gemini as well, and Gems make great gossip buddies. Not good boyfriends, but great drinking and theatre friends. Besides: speaking of eyes - Gem eyes dart back and forth. Who can fall for someone when you can't get a good fix on them?
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                          I agree Ever... I have had a Gem lover and friends, and there is very little attraction, don't get me started on them in bed, JESUS. Can you say ADHD, (gag). Like you said, they are perfect for theater, going out to clubs, etc. They CAN party! Also they are excellent writers. I enjoy writing so I like that about them but as with most air signs, they avoid real emotion like the plague, which is annoying to water.

                          I have to admit though, I honestly keep my Gem on a short leash. my mind it can get pretty erotic and dark at times, it's like my Scorp., which has much more influence, has my Gem tied up in leather bondage whispering in her ear... that she's gonna do what she's told, and she's gonna like it....
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                            "I have to admit though, I honestly keep my Gem on a short leash. my mind it can get pretty erotic and dark at times, it's like my Scorp., which has much more influence, has my Gem tied up in leather bondage whispering in her ear... that she's gonna do what she's told, and she's gonna like it...."

                            LOL I know how you feel... I'm a Pisces Sun, Mercury, and Venus, and a Gemini Moon. So I definitely feel the inner conflicts sometimes. But My Pisces keeps my Gemini under control :)
                    • No, I've never been able to hold or get with a man I wanted. I've always been told I was too intense. Oddly enough though my too long term relationships were with an Earth and Air sign.

                      Water simply doesn't work for me, I want to try fire... but maybe that's not good either huh?
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                        MAYBE YOUR AN AQUARIUS? If your birthday is before march 14th and you thought u were a fish your not.
                        • Maybe if I followed sidereal astrology I would be in one of those tribes.

                          As I'm discovering my chart it fits me quite well and I always knew I was a fish.
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                          My birthday is before March 14th.. and I'm nothing like an Aquarius at all. I'm Pisces all the way lol :D Whenever I've read descriptions of Pisces, it fits me to a T :) My personality is almost opposite of Aquarius though.
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                      "A pisces girl + aries/leo aspects + maybe a little cancer or scorpio aspects. A girl that can tear some shit up and explode on mothafuckers with me. But we can also get lost into oblivion, the bottom of the ocean, into eachother's eyes while feeling secure in each other's arms."

                      Ooh I'm Pisces Sun, Aries rising and that description fits pretty well =)
                      • I'm a pisces sun with a pisces venus and an aries mars. i'm unsure about my rising but it may either be leo or virgo, but it very much feels like it's on the cusp.

                        all my pisces is in the 7th house of relationships and i seriously think that the mars of mine causes conflict or maybe it's the possible rising idk. i can come off very aggressive sometimes and change like that.
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                          Ok, i wasn't trying to tell you who you are...but you can't ignore the truth. Sidereal is more accurate. But if you are not seeking the truth and if you feel like a pisces then you should believe that. All I'm saying is that for myself, and all my friends and relatives...sidereal is very true to their personalities..why do you think the sidereal zodiac, bieng true to the star's real positions, is not widely used today? Because even experienced astrologers refuse to give up their profound lifes work and opinions on what they have believed to be real. They all know that the zodiac shifts about 1 day every 70 something years thus for example Aries, which goes from march 21 - april 20, acually goes from march 14 - april 15 as a result of the passing years. And that is the truth which there is no denying. My point is that if you were born under a certain constellation (lets say Aquarius on march 13th)...and in reality Aquarius was the sign that was present on march 13th unless you were born a long time ago..there is no denying that you are an Aquarian..check your real chart, your sidereal chart maybe there are influences that make you feel more emotional like a pisces. maybe you have a pisces moon under sidereal. We shouldn't be denying the truth for that is shaming the real astrologers whom have founded the sidereal zodiac. Live up to your real sign and be proud of it. There's no shame in realizing you are what you did not expect. The mind can make you think that you are anything if you let it...but you will still feel the pull inside that tells you that you are something else...i did... and I am a pisces.

                          Something else to consider, if this isn't a true example I don't know what is... Albert Einstein, the greatest mind of the 20th century, was under sidereal in fact an Aquarian (March 14th...back in 1879 Aquarius ruled the 14th of March though it dose not anymore) with a Libra moon and a Gemini rising. There you go, Aqua, Libra, that's one smart combination.

                          I'm not trying to bite at's just that, bieng a pisces I feel much need for others to see the same light and realize the truth in astrology because we need to agree that sidereal was discovered to better our perceptions and help us find not what our minds believe we truley are, but that the heavens reflect the real personalities that we have struggles to realize. Belive me, your life will make much more sense for this is what astrology was meant to be like...I finally found myself and I challenge you to look deep inside your sidereal make-up.
                          • The sidereal would take the Pisces completely out of my chart. Completely. I would still have my Neptune in the 4th house but that's it. I would just basically have all my planets, even my true node, moved from Pisces to Aquarius which just doesn't fit me. The relative that I was always closest to in my heart was my grandma and I didn't know what her sign was till after she passed not even a year ago and I found out she was a Scorpio.

                            Maybe you feel misplaced but I don't.
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                            I find it interesting that I can't find out anything about my sign or chart or much of anything of value on the website you provided without first paying $199.95.

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                              According to sidereal my son would be a Pisces sun and not an Aries sun. If you knew him you would be laughing your ass of right now....
                              That child is Mars incarnate.... down to the smallest, very last detail ( aries sun, rising, and mars) He is the poster child for an Aries. He is nothing like a Pisces, if he was we wouldn't butt heads every damn day, he favorite activity btw.....
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                                Look, ok your right. You are a pisces and your son is an aries. Also note that in saying that you have just admitted that the earth has not shifted and everything in the universe revolves around the Earth, therefore, astrology that is commonly used today has constellations that have been in the same position in the sky for thousands of years. Also, you are saying that the real zodiac...the one you stick with, follows the seasons(because it does...hint the term tropical zodiac) and not the stars which btw is what astrology is based on, the stars. So in conclusion you have agreed to the fact that the basis on which astrology has been founded (the constellations) is not relative to the given characteristics of one's personality.

                                "Tropical Astrology defines the signs relative to the vernal equinox regardless of the position of constellations. Western astrology traditionally uses this system. The Tropical System doesn't take into account the precession of the equinoxes, which results in a shift between the two systems of about one degree every 70 years, the two systems (Tropical and Sidereal) are currently about 24 degrees apart. "
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                            I have actually heard of this before, it's also called Vedic astrology right?? It's interesting... I haven't looked up my chart but my sun sign still falls under Scorpio regardless, so i haven't given it that much thought..... I don't know that it's fair though, that you come on a sight full of Pisces and start throwing around absolute phrases such as " sidereal is more accurate" and claiming that you know everyone else's truth and/ or reality and come bearing all the answers to astrology.
                            What may be a reality for you isn't necessarily another's. For all you know we may get to choose what astrology we would like our personality to follow when we incarnate... who knows? We could come up with theories all day....

                            For what it's worth, i can't relate at all to eastern astrology for the life of me, I've tried, it's like their describing a stranger.. but have many friends who can totally relate, and prefer it over western astrology...

                            So.... i guess if you feel sidereal describes you most accurately, congratulations, your one step closer to finding your personal truth, but remember, that truth may not apply to the next person....
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                              Yes. and here's my last post on the subject in this forum. watch and understand this video.


                              If you listen to beckman's explaination, you will understand. If not, then you are what you say you are. That's that.

                              Thanks though I had fun discussing this!

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