Pisces Men vs. Pisces Women....How do Phish Coexist? What are the differences?

topic posted Thu, December 7, 2006 - 12:32 AM by  Jolly Mah
This past year has opened my Phish eyes to Pisces men. Prior to 2006, I've never been aware of them and can't say I've given any thought to dating Pisces men.

Until this year.

Last February I was taking a class at the University and I found out that three of my classmates were Pisces. They were really great guys! And I thought any woman who had one was very fortunate. They were jovial, good-natured, smart, flirtatious, and funny. They were all working professionals and were married, some with children. I was blown away when I found out they were Pisces.

I've known Pisces women. I dont think we exude that much sexiness as the Pisces men do. I have a neighbor whom I just found out is a Pisces and who has been giving me the Phish Eye for the past year....I didn't pay any attention, until now. He's very sexy. (What am I thinking??)

I have a lot of sun signs in my chart and I think I'm more Yin than Mr. Pisces. I guess I'm just thrilled that you Pisces men are hot (hotter than Aries definitely) and I can see what the women in other posts were referring to.

I have some quesions.

1) Are Pisces men sexier then Pisces women? Or is it that they extrovert sexiness more then the women do? I think they do.
2) I've noticed that Pisces men do play the game as well as Leo. Why? It seems that Pisces and Leo follow the code of "Anticipation".
3) Why haven't I noticed Pisces men before??? hahaha.
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    My wife and I are both Pisces. Born one year and two days apart : 0 ) She is pretty private about her sexiness, (saves it for home, and ohhhh baby...!!) where I am a lot more extroverted/public/flirty. We are VERY much alike in soooo many ways. But very different too.
    I think all the other aspects, and the arrangement of our other planets is where the differences come into play. When you lay her chart over mine, her planets fill in one half of the chart, and mine fill in the other side. A pretty good balancing act, if you ask me!
    And I forgot the question...
    Anyway, give us Pisces men a chance! We may end up just laying around the house playing music and working on art projects, but the music is sweet, and the art feeds our souls...
    • For the difficult or easy was your phish to catch? This one here is hot and cold. I'm all for just leaving the rod in the water and when he's ready to be caught, then he'll be ready. Until then....

      For the Tick...hahahaha. I totally agree with you and most male pisces I've met being extroverted/public/flirty. I find you guys do a lot of smiling, laughing, and have a great sense of humor and can speak in public with some ease. (Unless you're an ENTJ [myers brigg]........that's an entirely different kind of Pisces altogether).
      • well Jolly, my phish would not take no for an answer. Three weeks later I had to have him!
        • Man, I always ignored them too and have always been a sucker for the Scorps. I recently had a little interest in a guy who randomly called me this weekend. So random. I found out at this party that he is also a fish. I have to admit, it made me want to run away. I don't know why. I don't think it helped that out of the 3 Piscean men I've been sexual with in my life, ALL of them were born the *same* year and within 7 days of each other. I did giggle at how it took him 7 hours to make a move and the illusive way at which we departed the party. It's like neither of us could be direct enough to admit we wanted to go home together. I got 'drunk' as my excuse and 'really shouldn't drive'. We even made up some stupid game to shift out of the party and get out of there.
          So I always thought Pisces men were boring in bed? OMF'ingG! I am very happy to be proved wrong in this. I've had amazing luck in bed with Piscean women but never the men. I usually have had no chemistry or they are way to concerned about hurting me. I know on the female side of things, I'm very wild, love sex and don't really hide it. I know there are sometimes conversations behind closed doors amonst my friends about my 'enthusiasm' :)
          So my perplexity has been, how do you date fishies? I'm not concerned about relationships at this point but I'm very interested in dating people right now. I've dated a lot of fixed signs and feel like I have that down but this is new for me. Not that we would even go out again but I'd like to. Can a girl ask a boy fish out? Do they swim away? I have always felt like the scare easy and are incredibly aloof.
          My roommate is one of the above mentioned Pisces men and even living with him, I don't have a clue. Neither do his girlfriends.
          And we're all polyamourous. Go figure.
  • If I's so sexy why's I still single?!

    Admit it ... the only thing here is that you girls just have the hots for Pisces as Sign-of-the-hour.
    • heehee, LIghtbringer. I may want to strangle him sometimes, but it's been eight years with my Pisces.
      • 3 Pisces kids in my family, Me and my 2 siblings (brother and sister) are born within 10 days of each other (fireworks in July i guess).

        I've had many male Pisces friends and I can tell you up front, you never know exactly what you are going to get with one. Since Pisces is mutable, the influence of the other planets is powerful. Takes a bit to get the complete picture of a Pisces male because there is sooooo much going on under the hood.

        I have been considered flighty because I am mostly CLUELESS about when a woman is interested in me. I mean she could be sitting right next to me blowing into my ear, and I wouldn't get it until she grabs me by the short hairs and drags me to her bedroom. The direct approach is recommended when you are dealing with a Phish Boy.

        A lot of the stereotypes about Pisceans fly out the window when talking about the males. Some of the Phish men I've known have been the most aggressive, bloodthirsty types I've ever seen.
        • Never dated a Phish boy! Would love to with right kind. All the male Ps I know are too old or gay and gorgeous!. : (
          • I've been attracted to a few pisces girls before and had really AMAZING times with them ( physically ) and emotionally. The thing is - I really like a girl who is really grounded . Not that all pisces women ( I hate to stereotype ) are totally floaty , but it's hard enough for me to deal with my own wish-washiness. I'm at an age where hooking up is not priority ( well... not ALL the time - ha ha ! ) . Its great to actually know who I get into bed with. Nowadays when I meet a cute pisces girl , I try to relate in other ways. I want to make friendships last , with or without sex. And dammit... sometimes I find that sex ( especially with a pisces girl ) can eventually erode it away. I don't catagorize myself as " poly ". One of my friends ( a plutonic pisces girl ) is someone who I see as a sister and someone who I relate to in ways I can't with anyone else. I'm SO thankful she is still present in my life ! I 've considered myself as the quiet and somewhat conservative type but some of my friends tell me otherwise. Wanna catch a pisces guy ? Be flirty ( of course ) but also be upfront and honest. It's also good if you know how to deal with someone who is VERY emotional. We like to think we are more than just only sexual beings. It's also good to know someone else's chart . Pisces with pisces usually aren't so good in the long run. There are some exceptions. But also... if you both find each other really HOT , you only live once... Hey! Make like bunny rabbits !!! Just know how to relate to each other and make it last OR be open and leave on good terms. I hate being hurt , but even more I hate hurting someone.
            • My last relationship with a Pisces woman ended in disaster!

              She just wouldn't wear the cowboy hat :(
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                "She just wouldn't wear the cowboy hat :( "

                But what about the boots? ;-)
                • I'll wear the boots... Oh hell fuck yeah!
                  So what if you are dealing with a fish boy who does actually have a lot of earth (more grounded than I for sure) but has mentioned in conversations that he loathes processing and tends to become apathetic when he realizes that a woman has feelings for him. I feel like I'm not dealing with a 'typical' fish here and not sure what to do because I *am* such a typical fish and really have a hard time *not* talking about my feelings. I've also found that when I don't tell someone how I feel, I start to get melancholy. I think it's because I've had so many time when I've told someone how I feel and while I've let it go after I've said it, they will inevitably tack on a lot of characteristcs onto those feelings that aren't me at all.
                  I'm super affectionate but I don't get jealous and possesive and enjoy sharing my partner with others (as long as I feel secure with them) but it seems a lot of men assume if you are loving that you are a psycho and they pull back. I think they also worry about hurting me but the only things that really hurts me is holding myself back. I'm a very decisive person and know right away if I like someone but I chill out pretty quickly when I feel more settled and secure in the situation. Damn NRE!
                  I'm also trying to come to terms with the fact that I have my Mercury and Venus are on the Aries cusp giving me this sense of impatience and urgency. Trying to slow the fuck down...
                  But oh god is the sex brilliant....
                  I even lost some hair...
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    When this discussion was first written, I had a Pisces man in mind. I wasn't attracted to him when I first met him. It was the other way around when we had our first meeting. He lived across the way from me. I always thought the floor he lived on was empty, he travelled alot, and every morning I would walk around my apartment free as a bird in canada (eh? haha). One morning I stood straight up and looked out my window, I just got this feeling. Well, after I got to know him, he was watching. Turns out he travels alot and so he did live there, but it always looked empty. So thats what happened.

                    We eventually started talking and I would hang out at his place. The thing is, the more I got to know him, the more introverted he became. He could talk about anything and everything. But emotionally, he was closed off. See, I go for high IQ men with deep voices. He had these qualities. It's hard to explain, there was an emotional connection...I know he liked me, but he was also closed off. At the end of the day, I still didn't understand him. The only thing I can say is we all have emotions and feelings, you can feel it. With him, it's like shaking an empty can and all one hears is the little plastic thing at the bottom of the coffee can.

                    As we were still in the "negotiation" stage, I decided I couldn't be with that person. He gives good back massages and was a little scary becuase he could pull on a tendon and tell you what it was. (Anyone thinking silence of the lambs?) His *emo* came through touch, but he wouldn't let me in. Empty cofffee can. That's the only way I can explain.

                    On a different note, he was exciting in his own way. He also liked tying women up and offered numerous times for me to come and watch. And he stated that if we were to get involved, he was one of those people that doesn't mind me being with other people, and vice versa.

                    I'm one of those pisces that's monogomous and I do get upset thinking of the person I'm with being with someone else when they're with me.

                    That was my first and only pisces experience. You pisces men are freaky in the boudair :) It's exciting to think about, but high an emotional price to pay when you know you would feel for someone more than they would for you.
                    • wow, full circle a year layer. Thanks for the update, Jollymah!
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                        Do you think that Pisces men being more "extroverted" than pisces women (as previously mentioned) is due to the gender conditioning that society places on it's individuals, or has to do with the sign itself?

                        I am pisces rising, scorpio moon, virgo sun... I have a fatal attraction to pisces men (yes they are soo sexy, and I just want to hug and squeeze them) but in my case I think they were so outgoing because they were very very fiery (saggitarius and Aries moon, venus mars).

                        This is new to me! I never thought that they might be more outgoing naturally.
                        • There is a strong stereotype that Piscean men are meek and mild. It's utter rubbish. The Pi male is MUCH different than the female. My sis is a Piscean and she is pure yin to my raging yang. Some of the most cruel and competitive men I've ever know are Pisceans.

                          Take Steve Jobs draconian overlord of Apple Computer. He pillages and burns the competition with pure creativity and innovation. He's reinvented the company several times since it nearly teetered out of control in the late 90s under poor management. Now it's growing at a good rate due to people balking at upgrading to Vista.

                          There is a joke about SJ.

                          Q: How does SJ eat lunch?
                          A: By himself!
                          • I think the introverted/extroverted label is moot in this case. We can be outward and inward about different things at different times. I used to think my Pisces was only sensitive for himself, but that was mean. He has a lot of compassion, it's just different
                            • Ok I need help with this one!

                              I have NEVER hooked up with a pisces male until this week. He is 3 days older then I.

                              Now we both are sensitive, he notices when I accidentally didn't call him. He should be able to read me like a book as we know we are alike but I'm not sure if he turns that intuition on or off or just doesn't share it. THAT I'm not use to. As a pisces we usually are pretty forward about our feelings and sensitivities, he has been tight lipped.

                              Also after reading the latest posts and remembering how easily fickle we can be such as if someone is to eager and shows too much interest too fast we can lose interest. So I am concerned that I may do that with him.

                              Basically trying to catch him would be like trying to catch me and I'm not sure I like that too much...ha ha

                              The sex is awesome, I expected that and am VERY happy to have found someone with the same sex drive if I can keep him.

                              Well here I sit now worried because he didn't call when he was suppose to and I don't want to be the overbearing fish by calling too much but I am also done with games and just want to say WTF!? Either you're interested or not. I hate this waiting around crap!

                              UGH! So Pisces men, what does a pisces woman do? i know how easily it is to get caught up in our own lives as well however when interested I know we still always find a way, so is this a bad sign that I have not heard from him when I was suppose to?

                              Yesterday my intuition said he was into me now my insecurity (which we all know is sometimes intuition and can often be confused either way) says maybe his fickleness made him not so much already!


                              Funny I was worried that the roles were gonna be reversed and that I was going to possibly blow a good thing so I put intent in fighting the fickleness if that were to happen.

                              • "Basically trying to catch him would be like trying to catch me and I'm not sure I like that too much"

                                Word of advice...Never pursue a Pisces man. I had a close friend who was a Pisces years ago and he absolutely did not like women who came after him. He was the absolute gentleman who wanted to take care of his woman, make all the plans, pay all the bills, etc... I think he was o.k. with women flirting, but he usually called the shots. As I recall, I think he said he was looking for a "Southern Belle."
                                I don't happen to like Pisces men as romantic partners (too much emotion going on I guess)....There was one who liked me years ago who tried to plan our wedding after the second date...I ran for the hills~
                                • "Word of advice...Never pursue a Pisces man."

                                  That hasn't been the case in my experience, but I live in Indiana.
                                  Some of the Pisces guys I've met were too shy. I had to make the first move.
                                  But some of them liked to do the pursuing.

                                  • Bea: "Some of the Pisces guys I've met were too shy."

                                    Wow, now there's an oxymoron: "shy Pisces man" ....I have never met a shy Pisces, (male or female)....If they're quiet, it's because they're observing your every move to plan their approach...Calculating? maybe. Shy?... haven't seen it...
                                    • I used to be painfully shy. I was never too comfortable in social situations because they were too overwhelming for me. So many minds reaching out and talking to me, too many signals for me to process all at once. I would hide in a corner waiting for things to calm down before I would come back out and attempt to be social. Then I discovered performing. I would become a totally different person with a guitar in my hand and a microphone in front of me. Forced me to shake off the shyness and PERFORM.

                                      Many of the Piscean guys I know can come off as aloof because they are either scared to be hurt or are trying to filter out their own emotions from the tangled mess of emotions conjured up by any type of relationship. Some of the Piscean guys I know, need to do quite a bit of personal growth before they can manage to maintain any type of relationship. A percentage of them will never be able to do it. But don't give up hope. If you want a man that will treat you like a goddess, and do everything that he can to make sure you are happy, then a Pisces male is a great choice.

                                      Just try and watch out for the ones that are takers. Some Piscean men will use their intuition to emotionally manipulate people to get what they want. My Pisces brother is the epitome of the taker type. Used everyone in our family with tragic consequences at times.
                                      • I am horribly shy, but I come across as being overbearing, obnoxious, loud and what not. A lot of it is overcompensating for my shyness. Other times I am comfortable if I know the majority of the people. But take me on a date to a party where you are the only one I know, I clam up! I remember it shocking people when they saw me get all quiet and shy.

                                        A lot of it is age I think too. I am not as overwhelming and loud as I use to be, I am much more subdued and allow the shyness to show and more comfortable with it.

                                        Now one would think that since a Pisces woman wants to be treated the way she treats someone that a pisces man would be the perfect candidate, but this guy tells me to call him notices when I don't but doesn't call me back when I do, WTF!!!??
                                        • "but this guy tells me to call him notices when I don't but doesn't call me back when I do, WTF!!!?? "

                                          With Pisces guys that I have actually tried to connect with, many of them are flakey and don't know what they want at all.
                                          They will be very interested one minute, and off in their own world the next. And time will go by without them even noticing it. And you will still be wondering, where are we? And he won't even think about it.

                                          The only time I had a lasting relationship with another Pisces male was with a late March Pisces. I'm sure his birth date being farther along in March as opposed to a February or early March Pisces made a difference.

                                          One way to look at it is to consider sidereal astrology. According to sidereal, February Pisces and Early March Pisces would actually be Aquarius. Which would explain them being distant, intelligent, and basically naive to what you are feeling because they are focusing on what you are thinking. And later March Pisces (after the 10th I believe) would be Pisces. Which would make them much more idealistic and loving and focusing on emotions.

                                          If you two are close enough, you should get his birth date and time. Plug it into and look at both the sidereal and tropical charts. I dunno if you guys are close enough for that to not seem stalkerish, but it's something I like to do when I am close to someone. I don't make decisions based on the charts, but it's always interesting to consider.
                                          • I got the day because that came up naturally in the course of the conversation of age.

                                            He is exactly 3 days older then I am. He's 3/9/71 and I'm 3/12/71. Really both too old to be playing these "dating games"

                                            I just don't know the time or birth place yet. I think he may have told me but I think I may have been slightly altered at the time and so cannot recall. I THINK it's Chicago. I know he's from there but not sure if that was where he was born.

                                            I don't even know how we hooked up he's not generally my type and my ex's (who's a scorp) very close friend although he didn't really know much about me if anything at all because we were very short term.
                                            • Well.. I dunno if you are into sidereal, but according to sidereal you would be a Pisces still and he would be an Aquarius.

                                              If you only use tropical, you can also look at the decans.
                                              The four signs are split up into 48 periods, each around a week long.
                                              He would be a Pisces II (The Loner) and you would be a Pisces III (Dancers and Dreamers)

                                              Loners are more sensitive and therefore need more time alone to recharge. Dancers and Dreamers are idealistic and out there.
                                              You can read more about it in The Secret Language of Birthdays. (I love this book)

                                              And here is a quick thing about his birthday and yours.

                                              His: Strengths: Intuitive ,Visionary, Conceptual; Weaknesses: Self-Sacrificing, Detached, Overstressed
                                              Yours: Daring, Intense, Visionary; Weaknesses: Reckless, Unstable, Foolhardy
                                    • "Shy?... haven't seen it... "

                                      I've seen it a few times. I hang out with a lot of Pisces. I dunno if everyone around here was bangin at the same time, or what. But, I seem to meet a lot of them.

                                      (These are Pisces guys I was/am friends with, not dated)
                                      One guy was a 27 year old virgin because he was too shy to try to meet new people. He wouldn't even come hang around my friends.
                                      Another guy prefers to stay in his house and read or play video games.
                                      Another guy stayed with a girl for 2 years because he was too shy to talk to any other girls.
                                      A Pisces/Aries cusp who doesn't talk in social situations, at all.
                                      A guy who is the life of the party around friends, but is very shy around anyone he is trying to impress.

                                      That's all I can think of for now.

                                      And, I'm a girl Pisces, but I used to be painfully shy and not talk to anyone. That changed.

                                      I think it depends a lot on the rest of the chart, but Pisces is archetypically a feminine water sign. So, it would seem the shy part would be fitting. If you read the general description for the sun sign, shy is one word you will often see.

                                      I think if people have some fire in their chart, they are likely to overcome that shyness and be much more extroverted.

  • Snarfed from another tribe:

    Pisces and Pisces
    On their first meeting Pisceans see another Piscean like looking in a mirror and to meet someone who feels the same way about life can be one of the most reassuring things to happen to them. They have a very romantic and passionate nature so there may be tremendous sexual attraction between them. Although Pisceans are very sociable and like to mix with other people for a drink or two they also need time alone to be able to live some of their lives in their own dream world. They will understand this need in each other, which will bond them very closely together.

    Pisceans are emotionally deep and enigmatic making them very attractive and likely to become easily involved with others romantically. Two Pisceans together will be perfectly matched as they both see sex as an emotional expression involving body, mind and soul. This sounds like the perfect partnership but it does have problems that may not be obvious from the start. Pisceans have an inner strength that helps them cope in moments of crisis but the rest of the time they rely on their partner totally. For both partners to behave in this way spells disaster as nothing in the real world like paying bills or fixing the car will ever be sorted out.

    Pisceans want to live in a dream world of their own making and this can be their downfall. They will both want to hide from the reality they feel unable to cope with but if they can each learn to take some of the responsibility and if both have planets like Venus (love) and Mars (desires) in other more compatible signs then this can be a very successful match. If not it may be that they become so obsessed with their own fantasy world that the other is left out in the cold. This relationship will be work but if they can learn to involve themselves and each other in all areas of their lives it will be worth it.
    • Aside from the usual generalizations about Pisceans (some of the Pisceans I've known have been very very realistic and successfully so) This article claims some things that I can't just believe at face value.

      Do you find yourself relying on your partner totally as this article claims? I think that might be a gross exaggeration. I know many Pisceans who are proud individualists, who prefer not to rely on anyone.

      I'm also unclear as to how this person thinks Pisceans make a living. Seems to assume that we materialize out of a dream cloud every morning, for our brief encounters with the real world. Personally I materialize out of a coffee cup every morning, then pour myself into my car and head to work. Some of us Pisces do work you know.

      My dream world happens in real time, in concert with the real world. I will daydream sometimes, but the rest of the time I can practically hypnotize myself to focus on one thing. I have lots of concentration power, and the imagination to use it. The best thing about being with another Piscean is that they would understand and appreciate you for using your brainpower. It's highly reassuring to get praise for doing your best in all possible circumstances. Other signs would just take it for granted for the most part. Pisceans know how to appreciate someone for their positive aspects.
      • The whole thing about Pisces being weak or disconnected or unable to make it in the real world together is a bunch of b.s.
        If a Pisces has a bit of air or earth in their chart, maybe some good placements or aspects, they can be as logical as anyone else.
        Also, the abstract thinking can give an advantage.
        Pisces are not all codependent. Maybe when younger, but not once we grow out of it and get a taste of the real world.

        Although, I will secretly (or to everyone on tribe) admit that when I fall madly in love my mind is on my partner most of the time. I still go to work and get it done, but there is a part of my brain that is on auto. And when I'm not in love I do daydream a lot. But, there are many careers where a Pisces could harness all of that energy and add it into their work.

        My least codependent partners were Pisces, though. My Pisces partners required more free time and alone time. My most codependent partners were (tropical) Taurus and Virgo.
  • Pisces men understand women. That's what makes them sexy. They get how to talk to a woman and make her feel beautiful and witty. They also understand how to meet the emotional needs of whomever they're with.

    The only thing is that- some pisces males never grow up, and are bad with money. They can be too creative and too dreamy and aren't dependable at all. I think that those are the player types that you answered- they're so off in their own little worlds that they just don't know- or don't care about the trivial feelings of the other person.

    And pisces women can be sexy! The thing is though, we're more of the shy type (myself not included, though)- and full-bloan pisces women can be very, very feminine and traditional- which people like Aries males and Leo males can find absolutely irresistable.

    Men want to protect us, and take care of us. We have no problem being submissive. That can be incredibly sexy in a way.
    • "Men want to protect us, and take care of us. We have no problem being submissive. That can be incredibly sexy in a way. "

      That is what makes it so hard to be a Pisces male. We want our Woman to be submissive then wonder why they are. That is one of the things I love about my wife, she knows how to give the appearance of being submissive but she really is taking charge. So it sounds like Pisces men and woman may generally want the same thing but just different degrees of it.
      • As a Crab I dated a Pisces woman who at the time was the sister of a good friend of mine. We shared the same inner circle that i grew up with & I knew her for years. At first everything seemed magical & the relationship quickly became romantic & sentimental. She had an amazingly fun, addictive feminine personality & really made me feel like a man.

        Looking back though, she tried to throw her body @ me & stroke my ego early on. I also started to notice a change in her about half way. The sensitive beautiful woman i started to fall in love with was slowly, bit by bit turning into a manipulator, sexually & emotionally. Why the sudden change in attitude?

        It seems the more independent i was, the more attached the fish became . Once I started to show signs of being clingy, she must have thought that she had me 'bagged' . I dumped her shortly after experiencing a deep seeded feeling of being trapped & no longer being on the same page. I believe she was too easily changed by her new female friend (who apparently left her husband, and came back home only to get kicked out by her parents). I also saw how she snapped at her mother & a few times at me then cry about how emotionally hurt she was. I should have seen that as a clear sign of who she was. There is a saying "angel without, devil within". I think that fits the Pisces personality to a T.

        In the end she was really good at convincing her brother & the rest of the inner circle that I was the wrong one. I tried to hang onto my friendship that took nearly a decade to build with her brother & the rest, but 1 by 1 they started to show signs of her influence. I wouldn't defend myself or really try to explain things, rather let things take their course. I eventually had to cut them off as it became too uncomfortable to be around them.

        • Maybe, it could've been her friends influence. Could've also been her realization that she liked you alot and needed to be assured you'd be there for the long haul if that's what she was worried about./..

          saying I heard : Cancers are interested in the journey, Scorpio's need to know about the long term and the how of it, and Pisces want to know where you both stand in the final end......

          I'd say sometimes we're so frustrated about the end determination, the journey is frustrating which I think Cancers all love. or put another way, Cancers are happy on a day by day basis, and Pisces want to know where you both will most likely end up at before the journey is even half way through

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