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  • i like this one:
    The beast in me is caged by frail and fragile bars.
    Johnny Cash
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      They are definitely Pisceans for the quotes
      My favorite Pisces is Sharon Stone I love her range of acting
      • we're in good company with the famous pisces folk. my favorites:

        • I don’t think I could be a foot soldier. I don’t know if I could take orders too good. I’m a little lazy.
          Benicio Del Toro

          Now look at those eyes..He's got some Scorpio going on..
          I would guess some strong fire too.
          Dumb quote but a great actor..
          • Yeah i agree with you there... Benicio Del Toro is a great actor! Here's his chart if you're interested:

            Sun 0°19' Pisces
            Moon 23°33' Gemini
            Mercury 17°47' Pisces
            Venus 24°43' Pisces
            Mars 1°33' Scorpio
            Jupiter 25°49' Cancer
            Saturn 28°33' Pisces
            Uranus 23°19' Virgo
            Neptune 24°21' Scorpio
            Pluto 19°50' Virgo

            • lots of water,, Mars well Ok..Whats the Acs that will tell alot about the look...LOL.
              "The Ususal Suspects" great performance.. well all of them.. I love that movie..
            • good god he's drowning!
              and has that damn pluto in virgo. vertigo?
              • hey, he's my age - pluto virog, neptune scorpio
                • um virgo not virog

                  im having anti virgo feelings lately, sorry.
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                    Thought you liked power tools.. Ya aughta come to work w/ my 10th house virgo stuff...LOL..
                    I think Mars heading into the 11th makes a party of it..Rock and Role and Power tools...LOL
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                      he's hot!
                      • he is!
                        and he's puerto rican.
                        it seems i like puerto ricans these days.

                        power tools? what did i miss?? i doooo like power tools!
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                          all that pisces and scorp....OMGooooshhh...i can only imagine what it is like... my dirty little mind can't help but imagine the possibilities............with a sprinke of viro earth in there for grounding....sexuality ooooozes outta that man!
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                            damn, that's virGo!

                            and i forgot the deep waters..........
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                              ok, for what it's worth...(i'm not into fansites or famous people - altho i think he's hot!) here is a site, from a link that lead me saying he's aquarius/pisces cusp rising...

                              i question the validity of fan site info or most astrology sites, but what the heck, it's got pics of him too :-P
                          • Wow! I went to the site you posted of Benidicio...after looking at his chart...and wow! is all I can say. My active imagination is already in overdrive. I love the look of his face, his eyes and his lips....
  • Taken from "What do the zodiac signs say after sex"
    Aries: "That was great! Let's do it again!"
    Taurus: "I'm hungry, can you pass the pizza"
    Gemini: "can you pass the remote"
    Cancer: "so when are we getting married?"
    Leo: " I was great wasn't I"
    Virgo: "we should wash the sheets now"
    Libre: "I liked it if you liked it"
    Scorpio: "maybe I shoudl untie you now"
    Sag: "don't call me, I'll call you"
    Capricorn: "can I have your business card?"
    Aquarius: "Ok! Now, let's do it with our clothes off!"
    Pisces: "um, what was your name again?"
    • HEY Pisces are not people who are so impersonal to ferget names... or at least the implication is less than complimentary.
      • I've forgotten the person's name the next day. I think the implication is that we can be a little spacey when it comes to details...ya names. It's all in fun, no need to get defensive.
      • Is it impersonal, or is it just that whole short term memory thing?

        They say (and I have no idea how 'they'd' measure...) that fish who swim in a rectangular tank forget they bumped into the wall before turning around to swim to the other end.

        Um. I can relate. :)

        Or at least, I did yesterday.
    • Mmmm....I think "What was your name again?" sounds more like something a sag or gemini would say...A Pisces, would say, "Can you hold me?" or maybe, "Wanna have a smoke?"
      • the point is that a pisces might say wanna hold me and wanna have a smoke and forget to even ask the person's name, much less remember it.

        • I have never had sex with anyone and forgot his name, not even years later...But that's just one tiny, "hold on to everything" kinda fish in this vast ocean of life~
    • AHHH! I've had a moment like that after clubbing one night! That was YEARS ago and I don't club now.....much!! This list is hilarious!!! Thank You, Cherry! :)
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        what was your name again? is very pisces....

        it's still better then calling him by another's name!
        now that would be gemini. ;-)

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