Pisces and Leo relationship

topic posted Mon, February 14, 2011 - 7:20 AM by  Brandon
My question specifically is how do the two signs get along in a relationship. Any and all personal stories would be welcome and greatly appreciated
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    Re: Pisces and Leo relationship

    Thu, February 17, 2011 - 2:25 PM
    I got this from a really good website. Enjoy!

    "There are a number of opposite qualities in a Leo and a Pisces and strangely, these differences may work to the advantage of their relationship. The interest of a Piscean is not limited to self like a Leo and he has no desire of competing with anyone. On the other end, we have the Lion, for whom the world gets restricted and who is hardly able to look beyond himself. Thus, he gets the complete attention of the Fish and revels in it. The latter does not even want any portion of the limelight that the former so desires and this becomes another plus point.

    Thus, there will be no ego-clashes, no fights for domination. The Fish is passive and will hardly have any problem in letting the Lion be the boss. However, the latter will have to make efforts on his part to understand his partner, as a Piscean may not be too vocal with his feelings. A Leo will love the compassion, sensitivity, composure and flexibility of a Pisces, who loves the strength and power that the Lion exudes. Both of them can teach their partner something, provided the other person is ready to learn. This love match may or may not work!

    The long-term compatibility of this zodiac match depends upon the strength of the love a Leo woman and a Pisces man share. She loves going outside, interacting with people and being the center of attraction. He is too busy in his small world, which consists of a few people beyond himself. The positive aspect of this relationship is that both the individuals are romantic by nature and extremely passionate. So, there will be lots and lots of love, provided the fights do not get out of hand."
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      Mon, February 21, 2011 - 5:44 AM
      I was in one for a year that felt like a hundred, in a negative sense. My Leo partner was extremely intelligent and passionate (two qualities that made me feel interested), but had zero empathy for anything or anyone. Was stubborn as hell, wanted to keep me in line and finally broke up with me when the relationship had already been exhausted. I went into autistic mode the months before. But I was never in love, so it didn't hurt.

      I believe these signs have very different energies. They can be great if combined for creative efforts or friendships, but romance is a whole different deal. When you're in a typical and frequent Piscean drifting away and want to be only with yourself, or better yet, outside yourself, Leos simply won't GET it. It's like a personal offense. They will demand explanations for that which can't be explained.

      But everyting depends on a number of factors, I guess.
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    Mon, February 21, 2011 - 6:40 AM
    I seem to have love/hate relationships with Leo-Suns. They attract me like strong Magnets, and are usually very beautiful people...and when they show an interest in ME, well, it is flattering.

    However, we both have strong opinions and usually end up arguing, though Leo says it sounds like "scolding." Leo will do what Leo will do, and there is no changing them. They are Kings and Queens and totally feel justified in whatever they do.

    Pisces is more likely to look at its actions and decide to change, in order to be a better person, hopefully.

    Leo is a "fixed" sign, whereas Pisces is a "mutable" sign. So when those two come together, it is usually the Pisces that must be more flexible in the relationship.

    Leo can be "high maintenance." But if you enjoy that sort of can be thrilling.
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    Wed, February 23, 2011 - 10:37 AM
    I loved a Leo woman once. Once meaning for 12 years. Everything was fine as long as I worshiped her.
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      Wed, February 23, 2011 - 11:35 AM
      I have heard as much. The more actively you adore her the smoother the relationship will go.
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        Thu, February 24, 2011 - 12:24 PM
        Leo women are vivacious and fun when happy, but may all the goddesses help you if you invoke the Lion's wrath. It comes with appropriate 'Over The Top' dramatic delivery.
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          Fri, February 25, 2011 - 9:16 AM
          Just wanted to add my two cents :) ....My first real boyfriend was a Leo we dated for 3 1/2 years though the last 6-8 months didn't count because I was basically in drone mode trying to find my escape. In the beginning things were great our final year in H.S. but then he followed me to my college and then when I transferred schools he would show up at my new school all the time.

          He showed up no matter which friends I hung out with and was determined to make my friends "his friends". And we lived together, I had no breathing room. He called me manipulative because I was able to articulate how I was feeling while he wasn't. Then it came to the point where he had no control over his rage and he became violent out of frustration.

          I recently learned of Moon signs and learned he was an Aries Moon so I'm sure the combination is more volatile because he was definitely very competitive with me. Oh and the funny thing is when I finally got away from him I was still cordial and would speak with him every so often. To be fair to him he did work on his rage and was able to leave the house when upset instead of acting out while we were still dating but by that time it was too late.

          Now I’m less tolerant in general and he recently pushed me to the point where I thought it was best to end our acquaintance. Our last conversation highlighted that he still could not take my sense of humor. He told me he was livid because I joked about something with him and that I was never serious. The truth was his ego could never be touched. I learned there is something unhealthy about not being able to laugh at yourself at least once in a while. So this time instead of stroking his wounded ego, I laughed again as I said my final goodbye.

          Saying all that to say when we were good we were good but when we were bad we were really bad. And Leos...they need a lot of attention so much so that for at least in this relationship a Pisces wasn’t even able to give enough. I think that says a lot.
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            Wed, August 15, 2012 - 2:25 AM
            ok, so I was in 2 relationships with Leos, myself being a Pisces, and the first one was more like a fling, and you'd think that I would've realized how much the relationship was focused on him, and nothing else mattered, but silly pisces that I am, I ended up becoming engaged to another Leo. Let's just say he was a little too domineering, and abusive... so in my Pisces way, I wishy washed myself away from him, and he still doesn't know where I'm at. I called to let him know that it was over though. I couldn't be completely heartless. He knew why. I just wanted to make sure of it. Anyway, a Pisces/Leo combo is a very difficult one. If you love your Leo, then it will take a lot of work to make it work. There will be bumps along the way. I've also lived with a Leo brother AND a Leo sister... very interesting considering I'm a mutable sign, and they are so set in their ways. lol They still don't understand me completely. I think the only one who does is my Gemini niece. anyway... Leo and Pisces tend to have it rough. No matter how much the pisces pours out his/her love to a Leo, it never seems to be enough... they always want more than we can give. Kudos to those who can make it work.
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    Sun, February 27, 2011 - 9:35 AM
    I can say that it's not just the sun signs, but if you get to the bottom of both parties moon, mercury, venus, mars, and rising placements you can uncover how some Pisces-Leos work and whole others are horrible towards one another.
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    Re: Pisces and Leo relationship

    Fri, July 6, 2012 - 2:06 PM
    I am a Leo woman and I am SOOO loving my Pisces man...he is caring, compassionate, loving & patient ....I was married to an Aquarius, and he was mean, controlling and arrogant....For me the relationship with my pisces man balances my moodieness and crazy ways...His layed back demeanor is so refreshing! !
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    Tue, October 9, 2012 - 11:27 AM
    Hello , Im A pisces and i date a leo man and well we dont really fight about to much stuff i try to not fight him , but if we do brake up we always get back together and it was the same with the other leos i dated why is it that leo man and a pisces woman cant let go ?
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    Wed, June 12, 2013 - 8:49 PM
    I don't think Leos can understand us deeply since they can't see anything beyond their own nose. the relationship between them depends on whatever Pisces can adapt himself/herself to Leos needs.
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      Tue, September 24, 2013 - 11:39 PM
      We can understand you deeply.
      Some of us.
      It takes time for us go tune it down to sea level and not wait in the jungle licking our chops and our wounds.
      I'm a reasonably chill Leo female. I am too old to feel this way.
      Pisces men and I on like I don't know what! Plus, they are quiet. sexy, funny and brooding as f***!
      I'm hurting over a Pisces man I've blown it with.
      A friend.
      Love him from afar.
      No romance. I only wish.
      I'm in love with him. He loves me. Not the same thing.
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        Tue, September 24, 2013 - 11:51 PM
        Sorry for the typos.
        Anyhow, in closing, I never noticed or saw Pisces men until these past few years. I am usually attracted to Aries, Libra and Scorpio men. Leo men? Not really. It like, "Dude! I see you! Stop. TalkIng. Save some for later." LOL

        But, Pisces men (not all but some...this one has taken my breath away and hit me over my head with my own wheelchair ! The pain.

        Compatibilty for our signs and sexes - Leo female/Pisces male - is usually super negative. It's sad.
        I hope he (a Pisces man) will come to me and we can be a WE.

        Silly? I know.
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    Sun, November 10, 2013 - 3:50 PM
    This is interesting, as I recently became aware that a few my best friends and acquaintances over the last decade are Leos, which surprised me. The dynamic is usually pretty typical of what you'd expect between a pisces and leo – they row the proverbial boat while I quietly steer without them knowing haha.

    But these are friendships. That kind of dynamic is exciting and pleasant to me, I think only because I can cash out and leave the table whenever I want. I suspect it would be emotionally exhausting in a serious romantic relationship. For those, I usually find myself with Cancers, Scorpios (I'm a Scorp Mars), and Taureans.
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    Wed, March 12, 2014 - 11:02 PM
    I don't attract Leo's. If I were in front of one, they would probably say it was their first ghost mist encounter because they usually don't see me. Odd eh?

    I also don't know of any Pisces and Leo relationships, other than friendships; the lions like us as little buddies to listen when they have a thorn in their paw.

    I mostly see Leo's with 1) Scorpios (Scorpios love the big cat, 2) or other fire signs, mostly Sagittarius and then Aries a last choice.

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