How can i get my pisces to come back??

topic posted Thu, December 18, 2008 - 11:37 AM by  dee
I am a taurus with sag, taurus, and libra in my chart. I'm not sure of the details but I was born may 4, 1981 in jacksonville fl, if that helps...anyway I was dating a pisces for about 8 mos that had just recently broken up with an ex of nearly 6 years. We hit off great. Chemistry was great and we talked about everything including the ex and her feelinfs about the whole thing. As we got more serious and I got more feelings for her I could sense that the ex was still around but we stopped talking about it so I began bto feel they may be trying to work it out but thatshe kept me around in case she decided she didn't the ex anymore. I got afraid of losing her and reacted horribly. We had many arguements and I said some mean things, which I didn't mean...hey I'm a bull. I didn't speak to her for 2 mos and now I have tried to come back and she says it is not repairable but loves me and is sorry she hurt me...however she still has convo with me via text and I heard that she may try to work it out with the ex although she never mentioned that when saying why she didt think we could work. We have a mutual friend who says she loves and misses me...we are both women. Is there anything I can do?
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  • How can i get my pisces to come back??

    Thu, December 18, 2008 - 10:58 PM
    What is her birthdate?
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      Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

      Fri, December 19, 2008 - 8:54 AM
      • Hmmm, c whats going on...

        Sat, December 20, 2008 - 9:06 AM
        Your energy is all about cooperatuion and partnerships, even if you're self relianced, your potential for sucess is enhanced by collaberative efforts. You're influenced by mars and neptune in your earthly spread, and double-uranus in the spiritual spread. It means you can accomplish alot by combining your imaginative ideas and foresight (neptune) with decisive action (mars), and the latter indicates you're a strong willed, freedom loving individual who values your independence, impulisiveness and in some people - eccentric behavior, which could sometimes work against you (from others that are conservative).

        All the types that I've met that have her energy, tend to be restless before tunneling into a field ( career, interest or person. for examples: Patty Hearst, Gloria Vanderbilt, Kurt Cobain). Until her energy type can fully balance the balls between Pluto (death/transformation), and the Cosmic Lesson and Cosmic Rewards, then it may help her to balance out that restlessness before proceeding with something greater. (her path).

        I think that your Neptune and Uranus was very attracted to this person. She was Neptunian and she was different - unique? (uranus)

        Literally, in the Life Spread, you are her Cosmic Lesson Card. Now I'm going to go verbatim (next post) so it's clear the connection There are other connections between you two, it's like a guitar with strings. This is one string, and I feel its an important string. After someone leaves my life, eventually, I'll go back and look, and it always helps for me to know why I knew that person. It opens the heart.
        It sucks when stuff like this happens, break ups are hard, and I hope that she'll be able to at least communicate with you someday her actions. But here's the other info....
        • Re: Hmmm, c whats going on...

          Sat, December 20, 2008 - 9:21 AM
          The Cosmic Lesson Card signifies a role we play, it may be our debt to society, or a role that we must play in order to satisfy the powers that be. When your Pisces is in a relationship with a person who is her Cosmic Lesson Card (You), she is reminded in some way of the things she 'should' do. 'Should' is a big Saturn word. You may have seen areas in which she could make changes in her life. Having you in her life may have helped her realize that she could be successful if she tried. But if she went into this not knowing you were her Cosmic Lesson Card, it may have been difficult for her, because your presence in her life caused her to wake up.

          In its highest expression, the Cosmic Lesson relationship will act as a solidifier of our dreams and ambitions and will greatly aid us in achieving some great purpose in our life.

          Not ever having knowningly spoken to or met my Cosmic Lesson Card, that's all I can offer. Theoretically, I've ly onaware of my Cosmic Lesson card through other experiences I've had, and deducing those experiences. This isn't to say that you two wont ever be together. Or that you wont be friends. Or that this was a total loss situation for one party. As a Piscean myself, this is information that helps me understand on a different level why some things happen. (Hugs)
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        Wed, February 11, 2009 - 12:26 PM
        I'm not sure as to what her rising sign or moon signs are... but she's a cusp. The air-sign she has in her chart (Aquarius) could make it so that she needs actions- explanations- logic, and reasons to trust you again.

        she has the same birthday as me. Give her time to think it over. If she really loves you, her emotional side will get the better of her. Just give her the space she needs while she's figuring it out.

        In the meantime, if you want- you could write her e-mails or poems or something indirect to tell her exactly how you feel for her, and why you two will work. Again, since she has the aquarius element to her- it could help her to come to a decision that's in your favor.

        Hope that helps! :)
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    Fri, December 19, 2008 - 7:39 AM
    Ever try to grab a scared fish in a river? Fish swim away when they are hurt or threatened. They have to run away to heal the wounds and gain control of their emotions. Once the emotional stuff is sorted and the hurt subsides, you can approach again cautiously. If she does care for you, then your chances of making up are good once she's regained control of her emotions and can be dealt with rationally.

    Be gentle, Pisceans are gentle beings and respond well to it.
  • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

    Sat, December 20, 2008 - 11:17 AM
    Give it up.
    Your first hint, which was about as subtle as a flying brick upside of your head, was that she was still hanging on to the ex.
    Certain Pisceans are notoriously disloyal in this way, and you need to let this one go.
    • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

      Sat, December 20, 2008 - 3:11 PM the risk of playing devil's advocate..I am a Pisces...thru-and-thru...and the best way to get the pisces back is probably to just leave her alone for a spell...honestly, Pisces+too much pressure= explosion/melt down...
      • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

        Sun, December 21, 2008 - 7:27 AM
        I wouldn't say this pisces was un-loyal. Actually pretty much the opposite. Unfortunately the other person had her heart first. I have been through this many times. I was with someone on and off for 6 years becase of it.

        I was even dating someone I REALLY liked and may have stayed with if he didn't freak out and leave me alone for 3 weeks, so the ex could swoop back in beg and plead, and well he was there first.

        I don't know I just think maybe "loyal" was the wrong term in this case.
        • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

          Sun, December 21, 2008 - 7:43 AM
          I too am a pisces and I just lost my pisces guy due to some crazy misunderstandings that always seem to follow me.

          He won't even speak to me so I can clear them up.

          He had a party at his place (he's in a warehouse they rent it out so wasn't "his" party)

          I was giving a ride to a very good friend of his who also has become one of mine (which is how we met)

          I was originally invited but he thinks I'm a psycho stalker because my stolen then recovered vehicle was taken to a garage across the street from where he lives and I drove by after meeting with insurance adjuster to go home and he was outside (we had only been seeing each other for a week) and then there was the soup incident where I took some to him he wasn't home, his room mate told me to holer for him so I did, and he said he was told by his roommates that I was running through the place screaming his name. WHAT? I did what his roommate told me and then they lied and complained?

          Anyway our friend and I decided I should do what I'm gonna do (I knew the people throwing the party) and go and just ignore him. Of course that was my intention but it probably wouldn't have played out that way. We saw him at the door and I told our friend out of respect maybe he should go ask him, he agreed (this also made me look better in friends eyes, cuz he knows all of the stories and him and I are new friends) The pisces said he wasn't able to deal with it that night (turned out his roommates all went to bed and left him to run the thing so he was stressed) The friend said he wasn't agitated, that's a good sign, just stressed but not about me also good sign. I didn't want to add pressure. i know as a pisces in due time he'll be ready. The friend also told him I was NOT going to approach him at all. Anyway, I respected that, the friend said the party looked lame so he left with me which made me feel good cuz I also know what the pisces will think of that which is if this person trusts me and believes me he may recognize he overreacted. But he knows the feelers are out there. he knows that 2 of his close male buddies think he's being a tad ridiculous. I know with me sometimes my friends influence is stronger then my will in these situations and I recognize that they could be right.

          So, like the other lady said space.

          I know we don't hold grudges unless it was something severe and brutal. Petty stuff we tend to let go of but it has to be kind of in our own time as long as we know the other person is still receptive. I have put out there and I guess this is what my story is leading to...
          That I'm still here. I'm not mad or holding a grudge and I have to respect his space for a bit which my friend and I agreed I had. I did not put myself in his face and just walk up to him. I did not let him see me.

          Sorry if it seemed I hijacked your thread but I'm also at a loss. i don't know whatelse to do. I have to just treat him the way i would in this situation. Cuz well he has reacted exactly like I would've if the roles were reversed, and i should've known that but I had never been with another pisces before in any type of romantic way...ooops!
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            Sun, December 21, 2008 - 7:54 AM
            I find Pisces / Pisces is like trying to play tennis with someone who refuses to get on the other side of the net.

            (There's a lack of rhythm...when you both play the same kind of game, imo. Though perhaps the game anaology is a poor one as I don't like games in relationships..waste of time)

            Good luck, Shadow. It sounds complicated..but then isn't that mostly the way..sigh.
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              Sun, December 21, 2008 - 8:12 AM
              Yeah that's the misunderstanding I think!

              He thinks I'm playing games. I'm not. i don't like them!

              He just doesn't want to deal with it or talk about it.

              As a communicator that is VERY hard for me., despite knowing that just like myself in due time he will. But that is hard for me I want to clear the air now even if we don't get back together romantically, but if i pressure him it will backfire!

              So yeah in a way I guess I am dealing with myself, and that's hard when you never really had to before. I now know I have to watch how I communicate just like sometimes people have to watch it with me.

              NO guilt trips! they backfire! No Pressure we swim away!
              Funny thing is at times I have used these tactics with other signs completely unintentional but usually get what i want.

              I accidentally did it with him and boy was it a slap in the face! I know better! These are the things I despise and rebel against, so why wouldn't he? I guess i acted and treated him as if I was dealing with just a man with no mind to who he is!

              I've obviously never had dealings with a male pisces

              So I guess I wait. But it's hard. i miss him!
              • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

                Sun, December 21, 2008 - 10:28 AM
                Hi, Shadow,

                You sound like you really like and respect this Pisces man. I suggest (if you really want to clear the air no matter what he decides to do) writing him a letter ( old fashioned, hand-written letter) that tells (very simply) what happened and apologizing for any stress you may have caused him. That way, at least he will know. And it will help you, too, to get it off your chest.

                You could also write a letter and NOT send it. Burn it in the Solstice Fire. Offer it up to the spirit of Oneness. (I've done this manytimes. It helped me to be able to clarify my feelings for myself.)

                I also do Gestalt self-therapy. Think of you and him and write (in your journal) a dialogue between you two. Let it all out! Then feel if it reminds you of how you related to someone else in your life. Continue the dialogue, but with the person he reminds you of. Keep doing this, until you are dialogueing with different parts of yourself. Me1 and Me2. It usually comes down to relationships we have with our own self! The goal is to get beyond our programming and our early relationship issues, and resolve the issue on the inner plane.
                • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

                  Mon, December 22, 2008 - 5:56 AM
         you have any links about Gestalt self-therapy? It sounds very interesting and something I think I would like to try.
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                    Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

                    Mon, December 22, 2008 - 7:03 AM
                    Sure, Chris! (Gestalt Self-Therapy has helped me tremendously in my life. Of course, you have to do the exercise or it won't work. ;-)

                    My favorite book (and the one I use the most) is:
                    ___Gestalt Self Therapy & Further Technique__by Muriel Schiffman. It was published in 1971, but there are quite a few used copies available. You can get them through Amazon. If, for some reason, you cannot locate one, send me a note and I will try to help you get one!

                    Muriel James became Muriel Schiffman and wrote a book (with Dorothy Jongeward) called __Born To Win: Transactional Analysis With Gestalt Experiments___. This book is still in print, and offers a more comprehensive look at the process of Gestalt Self-Therapy.

                    Here's a webpage with a good overview of Transactional Analysis:

                    Fritz Perls was Muriel's teacher, and he is the one who coined the term Gestalt Psychology.

                    "Friedrich (Frederick) Salomon Perls (July 8 1893, Berlin – March 14, 1970, Chicago), better known as Fritz Perls, was a noted German-born psychiatrist and psychotherapist of Jewish descent.

                    He coined the term 'Gestalt Therapy' for the approach to therapy he developed with his wife Laura Perls from the 1940s, and he became associated with the Esalen Institute in California in 1964. His approach is related but not identical to Gestalt psychology and the Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy of Hans-Jürgen Walter."

                    Here's the "Gestalt Prayer" he wrote:

                    I do my thing and you do your thing.
                    I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
                    And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
                    You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful.
                    If not, it can't be helped.
                    (Fritz Perls, 1969)

    • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

      Wed, February 11, 2009 - 12:28 PM
      Pisces aren't disloyal! They just hold onto emotions for a long time.

      I still love my ex of three years... that doesn't mean that I'll up and leave my current for him. I had to resolve issues of past hurt with my ex during the course of my current relationship... and that was hard. But I ultimately did what was right and am still with him to this day.
  • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

    Thu, December 25, 2008 - 1:20 AM
    ur not getting her back.
    kinda funny cuz i had a taurus bf once
    he did tha same thing to me
    & i never came back.
    hes bin working at getting me back since.
    it creeps me out that he cares so much for me.
    u should probly just leave her alone.
    • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

      Thu, December 25, 2008 - 10:05 PM
      From guys stand point I would have to agree, I never went back, especially when the girl works so hard at it. I have to agree it is kinda freaky when somebody cares that much, especially in the aftermath. When a fish swims away it probably is for good, so you might be better off leaving her alone and moving on.
    • dee
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      Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

      Wed, January 14, 2009 - 1:05 PM
      that's funny. why does him caring for you creep you out?
      • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

        Fri, January 16, 2009 - 2:32 PM
        Really simple, its because she doesn't care for him.
        • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

          Fri, January 16, 2009 - 5:58 PM
          Lol...yep, that's about as simple as it gets...
          • dee
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            Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

            Sun, January 18, 2009 - 4:26 PM
            makes sense...i have backed off big time and she initiates convo now. i'm patient and hopeful. we'll see what happens...
            • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

              Mon, January 19, 2009 - 1:55 PM
              I could believe that....and while I know it's always hopeful to have a "love" reach out....and certainly there are times when people simply need space...but beware...people with Pisces sun can sometimes be very, very, very fickle....I'm not saying to issue any ultimatums, cuz she might just run away again...but I am saying to guard your heart...

              Sorry...I was getting my "Dr. Phil" on for a to take to the "block" ...."don't let this chick take the pimpin' outta ya swagger"....

              • dee
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                Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

                Mon, January 19, 2009 - 9:31 PM
                lmao. yeah nasha, i know you're right! i know now to guard my heart. i'm just usually on the other side so this vulnerability is pretty new to me...first time for everything i guess....just as fast as she was starting convo, she has stopped responding....when we were dating she told me she loved me in the 2nd week and that she was my "one" so i think i'm just confused as to why you would just let it go if it was really all that???? the biggest question i have is: if she didn't want to hear from me or wanted me to stop contacting her, would she say so or do pisces just ignore and hope you'll get the hint?
                • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

                  Tue, January 20, 2009 - 7:28 AM
                  The first problem is that it might not have really been love at least not love in the way you understand it. We Pisces can be overwhelmed with emotions that we just describe as love.

                  Your biggest question is a tricky one. I know when I was younger that if I could just exit quietly I would and it sounds like she may be trying to do that now.

                  We fishes can swim to you and away from you equally fast and as often as you let us.
                • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

                  Tue, January 20, 2009 - 5:41 PM
                  Whoa! 2nd week?! ...((music stops..))....well therein lies the "rub" else said it...she started catching feelings..and to someone who doesn't know what real love is... it seems natural to call it as much....I'm thinking you're friend exudes some of the really bad Fish tendencies.....Fickleness, Avoidance, Easily Confused......Damn...I may have described a bit of myself..but I'm MUCH better than I used to be...Thank the heavens for my Taurean moon....stabilizes and balances (whew!)....

                  and you said it...if someone can let it go so may not have been as significant to them as was professed...Damn Pisces! We can be anything from super aggressive to super passive...that's the two fish swimming in opposite directions....

                  In any case...When the "typical" pisces is gone...they may float back in every now and then..but if she's the type I think she is, then she isn't very grounded and stable.....don't expect much from'll waste too much energy.....and go crazy in the process!

                  I'm tired just thinking about

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                    Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

                    Wed, February 11, 2009 - 12:32 PM
                    2 weeks? Wow... um... that changes things, really. You do need to back off and let her think things over... big time.

                    But if she DOES want to come back, it may take months, and it may take years for her to decide that. She'll need a guaranteed fresh start with you, and she'll need to know that you've healed and are well before she'll try you again.

                    She may just think that she's screwed you over enough, and that you're better off without her.

                    Space and time... that's all you can do. Hopefully she can realize that she can have a new start with you, and that she doesn't need to instantly love you as well.

                    don't go professing your love for her, then. it'll just scare her off...
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    Fri, January 23, 2009 - 11:32 AM
    Dee, honey. Why not pick out a new Piscean to crush on? So many sexy ones to choose from!


    • dee
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      Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

      Sat, January 24, 2009 - 11:20 AM
      Hey Ronzo! You are very right! We spoke this morning...argued about the situation and why it was like it was, blah blah blah.

      anyway, i do love pisces, but i think for the most part the bull in me needs a little more security at this point in my life
      • Re: How can i get my pisces to come back??

        Sat, January 24, 2009 - 4:52 PM
        I hear you, Dee...I may be a pisces..but my Taurean Moon seems to be winning out these days in the love department...I want (ugh) stability....and (double ugh) reliability.....aghhh! I used to be the person I from one romance to another...never staying long enough to get, Karma has seen fit to turn the tables...blast her...

        Anywho..and I say this in all humility and graciousness..that while Pisces may be odd at between our bouts of depression, introverted-ness (not a real word), and lack of self-esteem....we're pretty darn cool to have around.....

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